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Kabuki 4 Items total

The first thing that comes to mind when presented with the word kabuki might be the art of Japanese theatre, but in the of case of Amewusika, the name comes from the Ga-Adangbe tribe from Ghana, Kabu means Great House from the Tribe of Asher & in combination with ki, creating Kabuki, it literally means the first daughter of the Kabu Clan from Ada.

This style template was created with one of my dearest friends in mind, her name is Kabuki, & I only thought it right to name this new creation after her. Like the kimonos, this is a new signature I want to embark in, & it isn’t the only one.

As I tentatively march into the land of menswear, a demarcation I don’t like committing to because of my fundamental belief that clothing lives outside the realm of gender orientation, I take my first few steps into a conventionally gendered realm with my tunic template I have named the Abba. Abba being the Ga word for father, which supports the reason why I have never thought clothing to be gendered, how many clothes from my father, my uncles, my boyfriend have I worn without discretion & in complete comfort that I should now constrain myself to giving gender roles to the clothing I create? But nonetheless, for those still living in the world of gendered fabric, the Abba is for you.

This collection is the genesis of an evolution in my creative inspiration & personal needs with the clothing I create for myself & for you.

I hope you love these pieces as much as I do.

With love,


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